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IBA 2024 Nashville copy

2024 IBA Conference

The 2024 will take place in Nashville Tennessee. Conference dates and additional details will be announced in 2023. We look forward to another great event in another great city!

The 2022 IBA Conference took place September 18-21 in Denver, Colorado. We had a great time at the conference and we want to thank all of our presenters and attendees for making it a fun and informative event! Be sure to check out some of the pictures from the 2022 IBA Conference below.

The following organizations presented these papers during the 2022 IBA Conference. To purchase copies of these papers click here.

  • Agglotek – (“Agglomeration of Batteries Lead Fines Using BASF Binders”) Willy Cilengi presenting
  • ArcelorMittal / TATA Steel / CRM / BASF – (“Mechanisms of polymeric binders action when used for the production of steelmaking by-products briquettes”)
  • BASF / J.C. Steele – (“Polymeric Binders for Agglomeration in Ferrous Metallurgy”) Willy Cilengi presenting
  • Bepex – (“Agglomeration of Hygroscopic Powders”) Jacob Sulzle presenting
  • Binding Solutions – (“Advantages of cold bonded iron ore pellets as a feedstock”) Richard Joyce presenting
  • Colorado School of Mines – (“Using Automotive Paint Sludge as a Binder for Pelletizing Magnetite Ore”) Dr. Corby Anderson and Dr. Victoria Vaccarezza presenting
  • Diproinduca – (“Industrial trial of recycled iron briquettes produced with
    iron ore fines and sludge from sedimentation piles in a direct reduced iron reactor”
    ) Jose Senra presenting
  • Direxa – (“Briquetting by Stiff Extrusion vs. Sintering – Competition or Synergy?”) Clement Cadier presenting
  • Freund-Vector Corporation (“Evaluating the Containment Performance of a Roll Compaction System”) Nicholas Slater presenting
  • Greg Mehos & Associates LLC – (“Improvement in Powder Flowability by Spheronizing”)
  • Greg Mehos & Associates LLC – (“Optimization of Oral Dosage Forms for Roller Compaction”)
  • J.C. Steele – (“Cold-Bonded Briquette Testing Methodology and Standards Used for Traditional Furnace Feedstocks”) Mac Steele and Mark T. Ford presenting
  • Jenike and Johanson – (“Critical flow parameters of bulk solids: A review and study on the impact of particle size”)
  • LCI Corporation – (“Pelleting of Poorly Flowable Battery Raw Materials to Improve Handling and Increase Bulk Density”) Lauren Wood Petraglia presenting
  • SNF Water Science (“Organic binders by SNF”) Gilles Zakosek presenting

If you would like to order digital copies of IBA Conference papers from this year, or pervious years, click here.