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2022 IBA Conference

The 2022 IBA Conference will take place September 18-21 and you can register for the conference here. The site for the 37th annual conference will be Denver, Colorado. You can book your hotel accommodations today by clicking the links below.

  • The Oxford Hotel – Denver, Colorado: Click Here
  • The Crawford Hotel – Denver, Colorado: Click Here

The conference will include presentations from industry-leading experts covering topics such as briquetting, pelletizing, binders, extrusion, and agglomeration-related processing.

If you would like to order digital copies of IBA Conference papers from pervious years click here.

Call for Papers

The following organizations have submitted papers for the 2022 IBA Conference:

  • Direxa
  • Greg Mehos Consulting (“Improvement in Powder Flowability by Spheronizing”)
  • Greg Mehos Consulting (“Optimization of Oral Dosage Forms for Roller Compaction”)
  • Colorado School of Mines – Corby Anderson presenting
  • ArcelorMittal / TATA Steel / CRM / BASF (“Mechanisms of polymeric binders action when used for the production of steelmaking by-products briquettes”)
  • Freund-Vector Corporation
  • J.C. Steel
  • Jenike and Johansen (“Critical flow parameters of bulk solids: A review and study on the impact of particle size”)
  • Nu-Rock (“Engineered Rock Block”)
  • SNF Water Science – Gilles Zakosek presenting