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Agglomerate & Communicate: The IBA Newsletter

The IBA publishes a newsletter three times per year to keep members informed of industry news, IBA happenings, and upcoming trade shows. Members of the IBA are automatically signed up for the newsletter. Click on the links below to download abbreviated copies of past newsletters.

Note: If readers have any worthwhile news of interest to others that you wish to share, drop us a line (Executive Director-Jim Torok). If it’s NEWS, we’ll print it, we’ll even “Agglomerate and Communicate” it!

Past Newsletters & Speaker Profiles


2020: Spring
2016: Summer
2015: Fall
2014: Fall
2014: Summer
2012: Fall
2010: Winter
2009: Spring
2009: Summer
2009: Fall
2008: Winter
2008: Summer
2008: Spring
2007: Winter
2007: Spring
2007: Fall Winter
2006: Winter
2006: Spring
2006: Fall
2005: Summer Fall
2005: Spring Summer
2005: Fall Winter

Back copies of the IBA newsletter can be obtained by contacting the Executive Director, Jim Torok, at: [email protected] | 219-765-2378.