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Neal Rice Award

Established in 1979 honoring Neal Rice, a founder of the IBA and its Secretary-Treasurer from 1949 to 1977, this award is given to the author of the paper judged to have the most excellent technical content and presentation at each biennial conference.

Shi-kyung Yoon with Richard Komarek as the presenter

2017: N.M. Morales and P.Bonadia of Magnesita S.A., for “Effect of Different Roll Speed on a Briquetting Machine For Simultaneous Grinding and Densification of Caustic Magnesia.”

2015: Hyun-Soo Kim, Shi-kyung Yoon, and Min-Young Cho all of POSCO, for “Influence of Composition of Partially Reduced Iron Ores on Consolidation and Strength of Hot Compacted Iron.”

2013: Darrell Taulbee, University of Kentucky, for “Drying and Agglomerating of High Moisture Coal and Coal Fines.”

2011: Greg Mehos, Cabot Corporation, for “Improving the Flowability of Solids by Agglomeration” 32nd IBA Biennial Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2011.

2007 : Dr. Seiichi Yamamoto, Kobe Steel Ltd, for “Development of Upgraded Brown Coal Process”, 30th IBA Biennial Conference, Savannah, Georgia, 2007

2005 : Bill Callaghan, Continental Products Corporation, for “Exploring the Versatility of “Free-Fall Processing””, 29th IBA Biennial Conference, Clearwater Beach, Florida, 2005.

2003 : Antonios Zavaliangos, Drexel University, for “Multiparticle Simulation of Powder Compaction with Finite Element Discretization at the Particle Level,” 28th IBA Biennial Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2003

2001 : Carolyn Sturgess, Ph.D., Alberta Research Council, for “ The Development of Agglomerated Elemental Sulphur Fertilizers,” 27th IBA Biennial Conference, Providence, Rhode Island, 2001

2001 : Dr. Ing. C. Pretorius and Peter M. Koenig, Hosokawa Bepex, for “Low Pressure Extrusion and Spheronization,” 26th IBA Biennial Conference, San Diego, California, 1999

1999 :
Paul Language, Billiton Process Research, for “A Method of Producing Sodium Silicate in situ, for Bonding Chromite Briquettes,” 25th IBA Biennial Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, 1997

1997 : Dr. Ronald W. Miller, Bristol-Myers Squibb, for “Vacuum Deaeration Advances Pharmaceutical Roller Compaction Technology,” 24th IBA Biennial Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1995

1995 : Dr. Harald Gunter, Brennstoffinstitut Freiberg, for “The Application of Waster Paper as a Binder in Pressure Agglomeration,” 23rd IBA Biennial Conference, Seattle, Washington, 1993

1993 : David Bigio, M.D. Applebaum, William Baim and Kai Wang, Polymer Processing Laboratory, University of Maryland, for “Specific Throughputs as an Operating Parameter for Mixing,” 22nd IBA Biennial Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 1991

1991 : Dr. Roman Dec and Richard Komarek, K.R. Komarek Briquetting Research, Inc., for “Computer Aided Design of Roll Type Briquetters and Compactors,” 21st IBA Biennial Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1989

1989 : Dr. J.R. Johanson and Brian D. Cox, Johanson Inc., for “Fluid Entrainment Effects in Roll Pressing Compaction, “ 20th IBA Biennial Conference, Orlando, Florida, 1987

1987 : Derek R. Augood, Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation, Pleasanton, California for “An Agglomeration Exercise,” 19th IBA Biennial Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, 1985

1985 : Eric W. Blaustein for “Development of a Workable Lignite Pelletizing Process,” 18th IBA Biennial Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1983

1983 : R. K. Oberlander for “The Extrusion of High Surface Area Aluminas for Use as Catalysts,” 17th IBA Biennial Conference, Reno, Nevada, 1981

1981 : M. Adnan Goksel and Laszlo Valentyik for “Production and Evaluation of Lignite Pellets,” 16th IBA Biennial Conference, San Diego, California, 1979

1979 : Robert M. Koerner and Arthur E. Lord for “Strength Behavior of Briquets as Determined by Acoustic Emission,” 15th IBA Biennial Conference, Montreal, Canada, 1977