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President’s Message

IBA President - James Torok (Harsco Metals)

To all:

Our Conference this past November, at the FireSky Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, AZ was a major success and was well attended. A big thank you to Darrell Taulbee, President and Bob Hinkle, Executive Director for their organization and set up of a great conference. We had 60 attendees, 13 guests, 6 countries represented, 13 technical papers as well as a tutorial on the various forms of agglomeration. This success will lead to a better conference in 2017.

Being a member of the IBA since 1979 has been a very rewarding experience. My boss and the owner of National Briquette Corporation, at the time, A.C. Miller was very committed to the IBA. He had several of us in the company join and be active, because he knew that the benefits and knowledge gained through the association with the IBA would make his company stronger. Becoming the President of the IBA is the pinnacle and I am very honored to serve our many accomplished members, for the next two years. I thank Tom Barnett of K.R. Komarek for his guidance and encouragement to become a board member.

There are a few things that I would like to accomplish going forward. One of which is to grow the IBA membership. I would encourage our members to reach out to your co-workers and customers and associates to join the IBA; it only makes us stronger and increases our knowledge base. I would like to encourage our members to become active by giving papers at our future conferences. Share your experiences and knowledge. Our 2017 Conference will be here before you know it.
We welcome new members, be it students wanting to learn, academia, equipment manufacturers, binder suppliers to actual production facilities. Come learn and share you knowledge. You will find that you will learn as much as you share, if not more.

Please feel free to contact me, or any of the Board members, with any questions or concerns.

Jim Torok
IBA President
[email protected]